Looking for Businesses in the SERVICE/OUTSOURCING Industry – Any Industry, preferably Healthcare, Training, Financial Services, IT.
Typically making an Audited Net Profit after Tax of R5 million to R30 million and higher, with growth potential.
100% deal, with price based on a P/E of 4 – 6, mainly cash paid, and some payment linked to future profits warranty, owner managed, who will stay on during earn out period, preferably indefinitely, but negotiable.
The Buyer is 51% BEE owned, which will add value to a business requiring BEE.

Looking to acquire large scale Industrial Businesses, such as Industrial Scaffolding and or Industrial Cleaning Businesses, really any meaningful substantial Industrial Business.

Our very successful BEE client has unlimited finance available and is growing in leaps and bounds by acquisition. Please contact us!!

We have a client with a staff of 3,500,  looking to acquire an established  TRAINING BUSINESS, with it’s own customer base, Systems, Qualifications,  and who already provide training and development services.


  • We have an investor, with unlimited funds, who wishes to invest anything from R400,000 to R400 million in exciting businesses. His ideal would be a small to medium size business, lacking finance and expertise, where he could use his expertise to grow it exponentially, with finance being no problem. But he is open to any proposition, where finance and or expertise is required. He just has an appetite to “PARTNER”!!!!!

  • We have an investor wishing to purchase a profitable business with a value of R 1 million.

    We have an investor who has R3 million available to invest in 50% of a company and he wishes to work in the company as the Financial Director.

  • We have investors with R200,000 to R5,000,000 who wish to invest in a profitable business that they can earn a  monthly dividend.

    Reputable BEE Group, with money available, wishes to buy into profitable businesses. Price R30 million – R100 million.

  • A public company in the IT space is on the acquisition trail. They are looking for companies with annuity income, software orientated, with a history of profits. Preferably to sell 100%. Price from R5 million to R20 million.

  • An experienced Beauty and Nail Specialist is looking to either buy or buy into, a salon in the Northern Suburbs. She has up to a million Rand to invest. Her main criteria is the business is making excellent profits.

  • An Investor with R20 million, looking to buy a profitable business with the property.

  • Investor looking to buy a business generating a Net Profit before Tax of R150,000 per month.

  • Electrical Engineer has R3  million to invest in a profitable business.

  • Silent Partner wanting to invest R1.5 million.

  • Investor looking to buy a car dealership.

  • Investor looking to buy Petrol Stations.

  • Have Investor with R50 million looking to buy Manufacturing or Retail concerns.