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We provide a unique “Business Analytics” Service so that you can understand your business better and easier, resulting in sustainable business growth. Discover your company goals through Win4Me!

We provide a unique “Business Analytics” Service so that you can understand your business better and easier, resulting in sustainable business growth. Discover your company goals through Win4Me!

Let us analyze your accounts for you monthly, advise you on the last month’s performance, and advise you on the action going forward.

We offer to meet with you once a month for three hours, at a fee of R2,500 per month, and guarantee you, that your business will improve substantially, from the story that your accounts are telling, and we are interpreting for you.

  1. Do you know how your business is performing?
  2. Is your business succeeding?
  3. Do you analyze your accounts every month to measure the performance of your business?
  4. Do you know what profit you are making?
  5. Where is all the cash that you thought your business is making?

Jeff Kalinko, Chartered Accountant


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