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Businesses for Sale Pretoria

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Pretoria Businesses for Sale

Companies for Sale Pretoria


17 year old profitable PLUMBER with body corporate SLAs for sale- owner emigrating. PRETORIA.


This business has stood the test of time, having been established for 17 years and still going strong. The owners are selling only because they are  emigrating, giving a buyer the unique opportunity of buying a profitable well established plumbing business, which under normal circumstances, would never be for sale. The preferred Purchaser, would be a Plumber, who can merely step into the owner’s shoes.

Their main clients are body corporates, backed up by SLAs, and currently they are looking after approximately 10,000 units through-out Pretoria. So continuity of the business is almost guaranteed, as are the sustainability of the Turnovers and Net Profits being presently achieved. The average monthly Net Profit as reflected in the Financials for the last 7 months, which are up to date and most current, is R60,000 per month, namely R720,000 per year.

This is a business for a risk averse entrepreneur/plumber, looking to go into his own business, with minimum risk, and almost guaranteed profits because of the expected continuity.

PRICE: Extremely low price of R1.2 million because owner is emigrating and sale is URGENT!!


Valuable nursery for sale at a highly discounted price.

This magnificent 5-year-old nursery on 2 hectares of land, is being sold because the owners are emigrating. The essence of this business is the control and processing of stock, so that despite sales of R80,000 per month, there is no cost of sales, because opening stock and closing stock, in a worst-case scenario stay the same, and at best, increase over the year, generating an even bigger profit for the year. It is not an exact science, but suffice it to say, the potential to generate huge profits are there, depending of course on sales, but also on the management of stock.

The unique value of this particular stock is that it constantly increases in value as it grows, and is created from slips etc., so unlike most other stock, this stock appreciates. Water is in abundance because it comes directly from the never-ending reserve of the Bon Accord Dam, easily accessible and no shortage. Overheads are tiny, consisting predominantly of two labourers and Rent.

It would be an advantage if the Purchaser was “Nursery Savvy“ although one labourer, knows exactly how to manage stock. Sales would become the responsibility of the Purchaser.


The stock of Trees                                                   R1.0 million. (Wholesale Price = R1.7 million)

The stock of Plants                                                  R1.6 million. (Wholesale Price = R1.9 million)

Plus a myriad of stock not taken into account – to be shown on due diligence.

The new owner will be charged a nominal rental of R10,000 per month with an escalation of 10% per annum for the first four years until they have really got on their feet, and the rental will then be reviewed to a mutually acceptable rent.

There are no other assets for sale, but there are a number of assets on the property being used, which are included to be used by the Purchaser at no cost. For example, Green House with an overhead water spray system, irrigation system etc., all of which will be more fully shown during due diligence.

PRICE: R2.6 million.





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