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At Win4Me Business Brokers we act as intermediaries, assisting buyers and sellers of businesses in the buying and selling process. Want a buy a business? There are plenty of advantages to buying an existing business that’s already been around for a while. The process of buying a business is often long and complex, but it can be straightforward if you cover all of your bases through Win4Me.

Follow our Simple Steps to Success, to buy a business in South Africa:

  1. Choose a business location from the menu options below.
  2. Browse the various business listings in your location and find your perfect match. 
  3. Click to enlarge the business, giving you the ability to read more about each opportunity. 
  4. If you’re interested in any particular business, fill in the quick Contact form.
  5. We will get in touch with you to explain the process further. 
  • If you’re thinking about selling your business… We want to hear from you! We have various Buyers looking to buy businesses like yours and many potential investors on our database. Get in touch to Sell Your Company the Clever way! 
  • If you’re thinking about buying a business… Browse our database of companies for sale, or instead, you can employ our professional services to find you exactly the business that you want to buy – Get in touch to Buy a Business the Brilliant way!
Discover your true wealth by buying a business, smoothly, through the winning local Johannesburg based Business Brokers – Win4Me.

Businesses for Sale

Check out the following Businesses for Sale currently in South Africa, by simply browsing our Business Broker website and by doing so, you could end up buying a Winning Business from Win4Me!

We love searching for, examining and then providing Magical Opportunities. Life Changing, and sustainable opportunities. Because we work specifically on businesses that we are selling for clients, and do not simply list them, we do not keep a huge database of general businesses for sale.

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At Win4Me, we only accept businesses that we believe we can sell and then dedicate ourselves working according to our process, to sell them.

We connect the right people with the right ideas.

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