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We have Investors who wish to either buy outright, or to  purchase a 50% share and put up working capital to help the business. They are looking for Businesses who prior to the Corona virus were successful, but because of the Corona virus, have run into cash flow problems.

Ranging from R500,000 to R100 million.




Businesses in the SERVICE/OUTSOURCING Industry. Any Industry, preferably Healthcare, Training, Banking Financial Services, IT. Typically making an Audited Net Profit after Tax of R10 million to R30 million and higher, with growth potential. A 100% deal, with price based on a P/E of 4 – 6, mainly cash paid, and some payment linked to future profits warranty, owner managed, who will stay on during earn out period, preferably indefinitely, but negotiable. 


Looking to acquire large scale Industrial Businesses, such as Industrial Scaffolding and or Industrial Cleaning Businesses, really any meaningful substantial Industrial Business. Our very successful BEE client has unlimited finance available, and is growing in leaps and bounds by acquisition. Please contact us!!


We have a client with a staff of 3,500,  looking to acquire an established  TRAINING BUSINESS, with it’s own customer base, Systems, Qualifications,  and who already provide training and development services.






    Buy yourself an INCOME!!!!!!!


Ice Cream Business for Sale


This is an incredible opportunity to buy an established and well known mobile Artisan Ice Cream brand.  Although due to COVID there are currently less events, there are still huge opportunities for Joint Ventures and daily income streams. The Purchaser can decide whether or not they want to Franchise this business, which again would result in bigger income streams. The business has stood the test of time and been in existence for 7 years. Although Ice Cream is a seasonal item, the events business is not.

The current owner has been earning a comfortable living and wanted to sell at the peak of the business, which was the plan for year 2020. But due to COVID the best year they ever had was 2019 as seen on the Event Calendar. The events business will bounce back post-Covid and Joint ventures are in place and the growth of having additional market vendors is a definite. All Vehicles, Equipment & other Assets and Recipes are included in the asking price

The owner is willing to provide production training and assist in securing future events as he has strong relationships with the event management, hospitality and food truck industries.


PRICE: Listed for R2 million




❗️❗️❗️ PRICE REDUCED ❗️❗️❗️



Going forward, we are predicting a growth rate of about 10 – 15% per month.

Estimating a breakeven point (+- 350 000,00 per month) by the middle of 2021 (JUNE – JULY 2021)

And profit thereafter.  The facility is about 2150m2

Offering 7 specialized studios, A dedicated cardiovascular area, classic weights training area, a ladies only training area –

  • Muay Thai K 1 Kickboxing area which we rent (+- 12 000 per month)
  • Biokinetics (paying 2000,00 per month)
  • Male and ladies steam rooms.
  • 2 Male and 2 Ladies change rooms
  • An indoor heated pool (certain hours are rented by swim schools +- 2000 per month)
  • A coffee/smoothie bar which we rent (1000,00 per month)
  • 3 Personal trainers (which pay +- 2500 each per month)

Along with that our vision for growth, and the advantage of the extra space +- 1000m2, will in the future give us the opportunity to implement an outdoor training area, 5*5 soccer, outdoor running track, outdoor functional training etc.

This extremely exciting profitable Gym has stood the test of time, having been in existence for almost 20 years in this location, and 4 years ago being converted to Gym on the Corner, and a complete refurbishment to the value of almost R3.8 million rand, This Gym has been redesigned to attract the Masses…. Convenient, neat, and fully equipped with Machines and Staff. Going forward, we are predicting a growth rate of about 10 – 15% per month. Estimating a breakeven point (+- 350 000,00 per month) by the middle of 2021 (JUNE – JULY 2021) And profit thereafter. Along with that our vision for growth, and the advantage of the extra space +- 1000m2, will in the future give us the opportunity to implement an outdoor training area, 5*5 soccer, outdoor running track, outdoor functional training etc.

Business is established and well known and being sold at Asset Value plus client base – R 3.3 million

Invest in Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoins

Invest in Bitcoin Mining (the VISA And Mastercard of The Future Of Money) – more profitable and safer than investing directly in Bitcoins, but still mining and producing bitcoins (i.e. printing the future of money), which are owned by you and produced by you.

Min Investment : R25 Million or more to own your own latest Bitcoin mining machines (S19 Pro 100Ths) in the best mining farms in the world.  Be Your OWN BANK today! The sky is NOT the limit… the next galaxy is.

According to John McAfee: “Bitcoin investors will be the richest people on earth. Anyone who understands Bitcoin cannot deny this. But what does that say about Bitcoin miners? We occupy the top rung of profitability. Soon, mining will be immorally profitable.”

If Insurance firms with Billions in US $ under management are diversifying into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining then shouldn’t you also be following the “SMART MONEY!”?





PRICE: Incredible opportunity with a minimum of R25 million investment


Leading suppliers of branded sports fitness equipment and other sports goods, with 70% of its business being sold  through online channels.

This is an incredible opportunity to buy a well established ( 20+ year old ), leading supplier of branded sports Equipment and other sports goods business, with 70% of its business being online. It is extremely profitable, operating in a niche market. It owns a number of very valuable BRANDS, which for purposes of the valuation, have simply been included at no value.

Sales and Profits have increased steadily over the last number of years, and the foundation has been laid, for this trend to continue onwards, as is evident from the figures to 31 August  2020 as compared to the prior comparative period, as well as per the projections for the next two years. Hence the Selling price had to be calculated on the average of the previous two years’ net profits, plus the next two years projected profits, (with the first year projection being almost guaranteed). Turnovers are in the vicinity of R60 million per annum, and historical Net Profit before tax averaging R5 to R6 million a year. Stock is estimated at R18-22 million, but will be counted and valued on the effective date.

From a cash flow perspective, the purchaser needs to be aware, that in round figures, he will require to pay R14,6 million, being the down payment for the business, plus stock estimated at R18-22 million. The Purchaser will also have to cater for the ongoing cash flow requirements of the business, because the Seller will be collecting the debtors for his account, and paying the creditors, net amount estimated at R 15 million. One year down the line there will be a further payment for the business, of say R2 million, and a further one year later, say another  R2 million, but obviously these two payments will be funded from the profits of the business.

It is the wish of the present owners to sell their loan accounts, and for the deal to be structured in that manner. This is an obvious advantage to the Purchaser, and the net value has not been taken into account in valuing the business. Continuity of operations is essential for the projections to be met and more, and for the business to thrive, and the driving force, being the present manager of the business, would be delighted to stay on and carry on running it.

PRICE: R18.6 million, payable R14.6 million upfront, and a further R4 million on an earn out basis over two years. Plus Stock of approximately R18-22 million. Debtors less Creditors (Estimated Net R15 million) will be collected by the Sellers for their account.



This extremely profitable business, succeeds because of its excellent service, stock availability, top staff, loyal customers and because it has a reputation built up over the last 20 years. We are valuing the business based on a P/E of TWO, based mainly because of the current challenging times in South Africa, and the world, despite the fact, that this business should be selling on a

P/E of FOUR, based on the above facts.
Net Profit for the last year       =       R 3,056,000
x    a P/E of 2   = VALUE        =       R 6,1 million.
INCLUDING stock  of R3.2 MILLION and Assets  of R800,000.
Equals a total real value of R10 million.

This is REAL value and an opportunity not to be missed.




LEARNUP Publishing Project Business for sale

This is an opportunity to take ownership of the LEARNUP project and develop it into a lucrative social entrepreneurial business. All research, developmental, promotional, and marketing resources will be provided to assist with the successful growth of the business.  This business is structured to be managed from home with a projected income of approximately R250 000 per annum.

LEARNUP Project distributes resource material to primary school teachers, home schoolteachers,

Due to the negative impact that the COVID 19 pandemic is having on the educational system, it is imperative that teachers are equipped with relevant teaching resource material. We have upgraded the content of the LEARNUP Packs which were distributed to teachers before lockdown to ensure that all the material can now be distributed in both print and electronic formats.

The 5 publications, in a PDF formats, are distributed to the recipients electronically via the Wetransfer platform. There are approximately 20 000 primary schools, 2 000 home schools and 1 800 provincial libraries in the country.

All marketing and promotional activity is conducted on social media platforms and all selling is done telephonically and via email. The recipients of the project material are Primary schools,

During 2021 it is planned to get the material into the hands of as many primary school teachers as possible in all 9 provinces with the help of the corporate sponsors. The cost to sponsor a LEARNUP Pack for a teacher is R 300.

PRICE: R120,000 with Owner training and hand over for 1 month

BLOEMFONTEIN.  Importer and Distributor of Replacement Spares on stationary engines both Petrol and Diesel. Valuable property for sale as well.

This business has stood the test of time, having operated successfully for 39 years and it is still going strong. DEMAND for their products is continuous, and their loyal long standing customers keep returning because of their excellent service and availability of stock, and guarantee of delivery within 24 hours.   Essentially – Farmers always NEED to pump water; Lawnmowers always NEED to cut lawns; Construction companies always NEED to maintain and build roads and buildings.   THEIR NEED IS THIS BUSINESS’ DEMAND.

STAFF are an integral part of this business. Most staff have been with the business for at least 15 years, know the stock, know the customers, know the products, and know how to operate the business efficiently and profitably. In fact, Pieter, would be happy to stay on as the full time manager, as well as to participate as a 10% shareholder, paying his share of the cost of the shares. This would be an added bonus for any purchaser of the business, because of the resulting continuity in all aspects of the business.

Having the right SUPPLIERS is one of the keys to the whole business, because some Chinese imports can be such bad quality, that reputations are constantly at risk, if the suppliers are not known and trusted. Hence their valuable array of long standing and top suppliers, is one of their biggest assets. Current and continuous moving STOCK, stands at an average cost of R3 million.  NET PROFIT for Year ended 28 Feb 2019 = R 800,034

There is huge POTENTIAL to grow this business almost instantaneously, by opening a workshop, for which they have the spares, and for which there is a big demand. Government tenders are another area which has been totally ignored, and with their ability to source products, being the right quality and best price, this is a wide open area to grow.

The PROPERTY has been conservatively valued at R3.6 million.

PRICE: VALUED AT R6.2 MILLION INCLUDING STOCK OF R3 MILLION, THIS BUSINESS IS BEING SOLD FOR R3 MILLION literally at the value of stock, selling at no goodwill whatsoever, despite R800,000 net profit p.a. 




The owner is more desirous of finding the right Purchaser for her “baby”, than cashing in on a huge amount for the business, hence the discounted price.


Profitable 9 year old VOVO TELO Bakery and Café Business for Sale in amazing location, going for a song because of circumstances!! GAUTENG

This 9 year old magnificent Famous Brands Franchise, is well established, and regular customers just keep coming back, because of their incredible  food, service and ambience. It is the first Vovo Telo in Johannesburg, and has stood the test of time.

In addition this restaurant is situated in the heart of Auckland Park/Milpark, surrounded by Universities, Colleges, Student Housing, Blocks of Flats and Offices,  where its always buzzing and busy. LOCATION LOCATION, LOCATION.

The business is Owner run, and an essential requirement of the Franchisor is that the new Owner will run the store.

The restaurant is a 90 seater, but can be increased with the patio, and it operates from 7.00am to 18.00 Monday to Saturday, Sundays,7.00 to 15.00.

Average stock holding is R80,000. The huge advantage of being part of the Famous Brands Franchise Group, is a no brainer, and the support is amazing, again ensuring success.

A brand new equivalent size Vovo Telo  would cost R3.5 million to set up, and this would be an unproven no track record Vovo Telo. Logically, therefore, an established proven profitable Vovo Telo such as this one, should fetch more than a new one.

Expected turnover for the coming year would be R4.4 million, showing a Net Profit of R800,000.

PRICE DROPPED FOR URGENT CASH SALE:     R1 million plus Stock.


❗️❗️❗️ PRICE REDUCED ❗️❗️❗️

3@1 Business Centre Franchise for Sale – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!! GAUTENG.

This relatively new exciting one-year-old Franchise has gone through the mill, with renovations and upgrades to the Centre, etc. As a result, actual trading figures need to be ignored, and focus needs to be placed squarely on the Location, the Franchise and the Future Potential. The location is upmarket, as anyone can see by strolling through the parking lot, and seeing the high value of the parked cars there. As well as the upmarket stores surrounding this store, and in the centre. The Franchise itself is a proven winning formula, with the cost of a new Franchise of a similar size, costing approximately R900,000.

With the renovations completed, and business settling into a normal phase, things can only improve. It is essential for the new owner to take advantage of the location and specific market to the tenants in the centre, as well as to the Landlord, and though to surrounding areas. The services offered are in huge demand by all businesses, and private individuals. This busy upmarket centre must in itself sustain the business and enable it to generate profits.


PRICE: R650,000 PRICE DROPPED to below the price of a  brand new Franchise with no track record.



Duvet manufacturing business for sale, including Machinery and Equipment, and Stock, at greatly reduced price.

This business has stood the test of time, having sold many duvets over the years in business.  The product is of the highest quality and demand for their products is continuous, with their loyal long standing customers always returning. The full ingredients of a complete manufacturing business, including inter alia, Machinery and Equipment, Stock of Materials and Finished Products, a list of Suppliers, a List of Customers, detailed description of the Manufacturing Process, Past Sales History, Projections of Future Sales and Cost of Sales, comparisons of Manufacturing locally as apposed to importing, etc. is included in this package of a business for sale.

The only thing lacking is that it is not actually up and running, and to compensate the Purchaser for this, he is buying this business for R1.4 million, which is a saving, or a discount to cost of R1,040,382, or simply put, at a 42,63% discount!! Another advantage is that the business can be located anywhere, because all assets are presently in storage. Based on the projections of various quantities, it can be seen, that this will be an extremely profitable business, and there is huge potential for it to really soar!!!!

PRICE: R1,359,000, including Machinery & Equipment and Stock, at a cost of R2,395,000.

Well established and very profitable Air Conditioning Business for Sale, with annuity income and proven track record.   BALLITO NATAL.

This business has stood the test of time, having operated for 19 years and still going strong. The one owner will be replaced by his manager, and the other owner by the new Purchaser.

Sales of R11.7 million for Y/E 28/2/2019 are made up of approximately 40% repairs and maintenance,  which could be assumed to be annuity income, and 60% new installations.  Net Profit is about R1.3 million, and plans have been made already, to grow the annuity income exponentially. Customers have been regularly  coming back, and the majority have been customers for many years. As long as the standard of work and service remain top class, there is no reason why any customers would leave. So continuity of the business is almost guaranteed, as are the sustainability of the Turnovers and Net Profits being presently achieved, as can be seen from the 2017, 2018 and 2019 financials.

Total value of Assets is approximately R1.3 million plus stock of about R1.2 million.

The business is a Carrier Dealer, has been in the top 5 dealers in the country for the past 12 years, and they have won award after award – it is a Blue Chip Company, situated in Ballito.

PRICE: PRICE DROPPED TO R6 million, plus stock, FOR A QUICK SALE!!

Cleaning Franchises for Sale Countrywide. Proven successful formula of huge demand service business!!!

This Franchise Group is on an expansion program, establishing a National footprint, wanting to sell Franchises across the country, including Master Franchises for certain areas. In addition to the already established Franchises, they wish to immediately open new Franchises in Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein, but a Purchaser can approach us on any other area that suits their particular needs.

This is an incredible opportunity to buy an extremely lucrative proven profitable Franchise formula,  based on the success to date of the eight stores already up and running. There is an overwhelming demand for these Franchises, understandably, because of the demand for the service, the good name of the Franchise, and the money that can be made by the Franchisee. The average achieved turnovers of the six established stores over the 2019 year, was R762,000 with the average Net Profit at R327,000 per store, and this, from growth achieved per store year on year, is expected to be maintained and grow in the future.

The selling prices  for each franchise, namely, Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein, is R588,500 each, based on the set up cost, the expected   Net profit to be achieved, which in itself is established by taking into account the history of the other  branches, as well as the site location of the new Franchise.

PRICE: R588,500.

Consulting Engineering Business LOOKING TO SELL 50% to BEE Group, adding a new service to their customer base and participating in the huge resulting profits. GAUTENG.


This 20 year old business, making a Net Profit of approximately R5 million per year, has the potential to make R18 million Net Profit per year, with the present infrastructure,  if the work is available.

They therefore wish to sell 50% to a BEE Group where they can generate work from their clients, or from Tenders.

Would consider selling to a Bank or a large Auditing Firm, in a win win situation.

PRICE: R12.5 million for a 50% share.


Business Brokerage Branches in OFS and the Eastern Cape for Sale.


Become self-employed, own your own Business Brokerage, with exclusive rights to Eastern Cape, or to OFS , by joining an already proven successful Business Brokerage in Johannesburg.

Become part of their already established Website, score from their excellent reputation by trading under their name, have access to their successful formula, being privy to their social media marketing, investor database, and businesses for sale, and be given full training, with templates of all the necessary documentation to succeed from day one.

Make yourself a minimum average of R100,000 per month and enjoy making it, because the work is so stimulating. Preference will be given to qualified C.A.(S.A.)s

PRICE: R200,000 per province.


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