Bookkeeping Services


Do you write up your books/accounting records regularly??

We as our normal package:-

  • Implement a computerized accounting system.
  • Capture and reconcile bank statements.
  • Capture sales and purchase invoices.
  • Reconcile debtor and creditor statements.
  • Present management with Monthly accounts by the seventh of every month for the previous month, including General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement for the month and year to date, and a Balance Sheet.
  • At our monthly meeting, we interpret your business results for the month, constructively advising on the necessary action to constantly improve your business.
  • We prepare and submit your statutory returns, including SARS, UIF and WCA.

For an extra fee we can:-

  •     Invoice debtors, send out statements and collect from your debtors.
  •     Prepare budgets and targets, measuring actual against budgets, and advising on the necessary action required.
  •     We can audit your company on an annual basis.
  •     We can offer payroll services from beginning to end.
  •     Value your business.
  •     Sell your business.
  •     Find an investor to provide working capital.

Monthly accounts are an essential tool with which you can control your business.

You monitor the performance of your business on a monthly basis, enabling you to act decisively and timeously on any situation requiring it, which you would not have known about, without the incredible tool of monthly management accounts.