Agricultural Import and Distribution Business for sale


Importer And Distributor of Replacement Spares In Bloemfontein

Valuable property for sale as well.
This business has stood the test of time, having operated successfully for 39 years and it is still going strong. DEMAND for their products is continuous, and their loyal long standing customers keep returning because of their excellent service and availability of stock, and guarantee of delivery within 24 hours. Essentially – Farmers always NEED to pump water; Lawnmowers always NEED to cut lawns; Construction companies always NEED to maintain and build roads and buildings. THEIR NEED IS THIS BUSINESS’ DEMAND.

STAFF are an integral part of this business. Most staff have been with the business for at least 15 years, know the stock, know the customers, know the products, and know how to operate the business efficiently and profitably. In fact, Pieter, would be happy to stay on as the full time manager, as well as to participate as a 10% shareholder, paying his share of the cost of the shares. This would be an added bonus for any purchaser of the business, because of the resulting continuity in all aspects of the business.
Having the right SUPPLIERS is one of the keys to the whole business, because some Chinese imports can be such bad quality, that reputations are constantly at risk, if the suppliers are not known and trusted. Hence their valuable array of long standing and top suppliers, is one of their biggest assets. Current and continuous moving STOCK, stands at an average cost of R3 million. NET PROFIT for Year ended 28 Feb 2019 = R 800,034
There is huge POTENTIAL to grow this business almost instantaneously, by opening a workshop, for which they have the spares, and for which there is a big demand. Government tenders are another area which has been totally ignored, and with their ability to source products, being the right quality and best price, this is a wide open area to grow.
The PROPERTY has been conservatively valued at R3.6 million.
PRICE: VALUED AT R6.2 MILLION INCLUDING STOCK OF R3 MILLION, THIS BUSINESS IS BEING SOLD FOR R3 MILLION literally at the value of stock, selling at no goodwill whatsoever, despite R800,000 net profit p.a. or, PRICE: R3 million INCLUDING STOCK OF R3 MILLION. SELLING AT HALF PRICE!!!!!!

The owner is more desirous of finding the right Purchaser for her “baby”, than cashing in on a huge amount for the business, hence the discounted price.
If interested, Contact Tersia on 076 265 9089 /

Below please find our NDA, which is required to be signed before we can send anyone the detailed information of our businesses for sale.

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Effective from the 1st of May 2021, Tersia Lombard, who has bought over Win4me (Pty) Ltd had been announced as the new Managing Director.

We would like to assure every client, past, present and future that the level of service will in no way be hindered. If anything, we will endeavor to improve and streamline processes.

Tersia joined Win4me in 2014 as a Telesales consultant and quickly worked her way up to be the right hand man(Woman), Jeff and Tersia worked hand in hand to grow the company and ensure that all our customers’ needs were met.

Brief Summary of Tersia’s Qualifications:
22 Years Corporate sales experience of which 14 were at Standard Bank Investment Banking
8 years with Win4me
Diploma in Leadership and Management
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment
Current doing a Short Course certificate in MMBA

Please do not hesitate to contact Tersia me should you have any questions or if you are thinking of buying or selling a business.

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