Halaal certified Flame Grilled Chicken & Pizza



The restaurant opened end June 2019, unfortunately just over 8 months later, Covid hit SA, and drastically reduced sales. Since then the owner tried to weather the impact of Covid, however, their cash resources have become a challenge and are at a point where they can no longer wait for a turn in the economy and an increase in customer flow to pre-Covid levels. The highest turnover they have had in recent months was around R350 000.

The lease is a 5 year lease with a 5 year option to renew. Currently they are 2.5 years into the lease. The store is 165.5 sq. The rental is R199 per sq.m. with an 8% escalation per year. Current rental is around R38 414 ex vat.

The financials, are not great given the situation we are in due to Covid, however the store is in a good location and the brand has great franchise potential.

With the right amount of cashflow and a brand awareness campaign this gem can reach its potential and become profitable.

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