Businesses Sold

Some examples of Businesses SOLD by Win4Me




Very profitable, long established Biltong Shop, in busy Shopping centre, in Prime Location for Sale – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!

This is an incredible opportunity to buy an extremely sort after BILTONG SHOP in a top location, situated opposite the entrance of Pick’nPay in a busy Shopping Centre, which are few and far between, and hardly ever come onto the market. If ever the phrase “location, location location” applies to a business, this is it. The business has stood the test of time and been in existence for 20 years. The space of the business is 30 square meters.

The average Net Profit for 2019 year ended December was R80,000 per month, taking into account a Manager’s salary of R15,000 per month, and average turnover was R400,000 per month. Covid-19 has not had much effect on Turnovers, which are at a similar level to last year and should be on the increase as things normalise more at level 1.

This investment is for the risk averse investor, as there is hardly any downside potential, because of period in business, location, profitability, and regular customers who love the product!!!

PRICE: R2.1 million, Plus Stock, at a cost of R160,000. PRICED TO SELL!!!!


❗️❗️❗️Price reduced for URGENT SALE, Owner immigrating❗️❗️❗️

R750 000

137 sqm, Specialised Franchised Coffee Shop, in excellent location, making about R45,000 per month net profit, selling for R750,000.

This is an incredible opportunity to buy an extremely sort after COFFEE  SHOP IN FNB BANK CITY, which are few and far between, and hardly ever come onto the market. A long lease would be available to the appropriate Purchaser. FNB employ 14,000 people on the site. The Purchaser can decide whether or not to keep the franchise, as it has come to an end, and if not, an extra R130,000 Royally Fee could be added back to the R238,000 Net Profit shown in the Financials. Salaries Expense in the Financials include excesses of R15,000 per month.

The business has stood the test of time and been in existence for 6 years. Their business hours are the wonderful hours from 7am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. A Liquor License may be applied for, and this could change the whole face of this Coffee Shop, and double profits!!!

There is a big demand for Halal, and the Purchaser may wish to convert the shop to Halal which will also increase profits substantially. The business has not operated from March until now, nor has the R13,000 monthly rent been payable, nor does rent need to be paid for August and September months, although, Food Lovers Market, across the road, has just opened, and there are signs of more staff coming to work.

The space of the business is 137 sq m which is a big shop. The Set up Cost of this shop was R1.4 million. Fixed Assets are valued at R800,000.


Online Herbal Business, making good profits with huge potential to grow.

This is an incredible opportunity to buy an extremely well set up, operational internet business, poised to take off, having already proven so, in the last three months trading. The web site is an exciting, innovative web site, with full functionality, from ordering to paying and to supplying. There is a big demand for the products, and sales are directly proportional to effort and advertising undertaken. There is also an affiliate program for customers who want to be affiliates. To date they have 230 affiliates. And total of R24,000 generated in sales. They are still growing their affiliate base and a lot can be done to make it better and generate more sales via this channel, if the buyer employs a dedicated Affiliate Manager.


Turnover for the last three months was, August 2020 R129,000 September R173,658 and October R125,575 compared to the total Turnover for the year ended October 2020 of R539,985. That is 80% of the year’s turnover was done in the last three months. Based on these figures, one would expect a turnover for the next 12 months to be at least, based on the average of the last three months R1,700,000. At a 40% Net profit percentage, therefore expecting a Net Profit for the next year of at least R680,000.


Online Sales, are the present and future way of selling, and the Seller with train the Purchaser, to take full advantage of the opportunity that this on line store offers.

PRICE: R1.5 million for a QUICK SALE!

100% Online Internet Based Business. Perfect for the “New World” order.

Well organised 6 year old 100% online internet based business. Perfect for the “New World” order.  Very little movement of physical stock. You get the stock in from Taiwan. You stack the stock. Customers see your adverts / promotions online. They order the stock form your website. They pay by Credit Card into your bank account, via Pay Fast. You receive the order and you use your courier company to uplift the stock and deliver it to your customer.

The Website controls the sales and backed up by Sage (Pastel). They are Vat Registered. Money is cleared second or third day from sales date, so no debtors. It is a cash business. No creditors, as you pay when you order the stock. So you pay in advance. Very reliable suppliers Plus, all sales portals and procedures.

This is a great opportunity, to buy an established, fully functional, internet based store, which is the present rage and the future way of trading, with Sole Africa Distribution Rights for a world class product in big demand,  at a discounted price, because the present owners do not have the time to run the business. Averaged R20,000 Net Profit per month over the last 12 months, because of lack of attention to the business, but as an exercise with marketing etc., R120,000 Net Profit was achieved in May 2020. The Sky is the limit!!!!!

PRICE: The Business has been valued at R2 million, but is being sold at a discounted price of R1,250,000 plus Stock on effective date, presently R350,000,  for a quick sale.

Two Profitable Chicken Rotisserie Takeaways, Huge Franchise Opportunity.  GAUTENG

This is an incredible opportunity to buy an extremely lucrative opportunity to grow a huge Franchise Group, based on the recent success of the two stores already up and running. The principal and demand for the product has already been proven in Natal, and now in Johannesburg.

The average net profit per store, after reducing expenses, which will drop through the advent of the loyalty program as well as the reduction in cash handling fees, based on the last three months’ average net profit, is R55,000 per month, and this is expected to be maintained and grow in the future. It has taken 18 months in Johannesburg, to prove the viability and profitability of these stores, and the key to the success, other than the building of the name, the proving that the food really is delicious, the huge marketing undertaken, and the great locations, IS, the employment of a hands on manager, who has concentrated on the basics from A –  Z, ensuring that efficiency, service and quality of food are all top priorities, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

If a new owner follows this example, he acquires a successful formula to build a huge Franchise Group, based on the success of the two stores being sold, as well as on the success of the Durban Operation. We have not included the value of the recipes of the spices and sauces, in our valuation, although they are very significant, but they have been included as assets in the selling price, at no value.

The cost of a new store, ranges between R1 million to R1.5 million depending on the size of the store.

PRICE REDUCED TO: R1.2 million FOR BOTH STORES PLUS STOCK, including recipes of spices and sauces.

Dry Cleaning Store for Sale (CONGLOMERATE!) operating from three premises – 20 years old, Profitable, for the Risk Averse Buyer. GAUTENG.

This Profitable Dry Cleaning Conglomerate has stood the test of time. The turnovers are consistently growing, and the profits are stable. There are contracts in place, and two new contracts have just been signed.
There are new depots being negotiated. This all adds up to one thing, and that is, that this proven profitable business has no downside potential, on the contrary, only upside, so any buyer, can sleep easy, knowing that he is buying a stable profitable growing business, which runs itself.                        Fixed Assets amount to R1.1 million consisting mainly of Machinery and Equipment and predominantly, a Seve Dry Cleaning Machine. Recorded Turnovers Y/E Feb 2018 R2,596,537 and Y/E 28 February 2019 R2,761,994. Net Profits after all expenses before tax 2018 R839,292 and 2019 R720,736. And this Net Profit, with additional contracts being signed, and new depots being opened can only increase.
Rentals including Electricity and Water are a substantial expense of the business, and it is suggested that the new buyer would be in a strong position to negotiate lower rentals, in light of the present economy, which would effectively increase profits as well.
Wages are also a substantial cost to the company, but the people are the backbone of the business, and this was the main cause of the Net Profit in 2019 dropping slightly despite higher Sales and Gross Margins in 2019 – with the expected new depots, wages will be spread over more income.

PRICE: R1,5 million negotiable.




This well established Bottle Store has stood the test of time and flourished over the last eight years. The only reason that it is on the market and for sale, is because the owner has been offered a consulting job he cannot refuse, and this is why the price is so low, and such good value is to be had. It is located in a Business Centre in a safe East Rand residential area, in a shopping centre with a gym, pub, supermarket, restaurant, car wash and Doctor’s Clinic in a busy street.

An added advantage is that it is part of the Overland Franchise, which always adds value.
It is easy to manage and runs on an extremely low overhead structure of less than R60,000 per month. Average turnovers over the last 12 months were R350,000 per month, generating an average Gross Profit of R90,000 less average monthly expenses of R60,000 per month, making an average net profit of  R30,000 per month.

URGENT SALE PRICE DROPPED TO R600,000 + Stock of R350,000 at cost including VAT, = R950,000.

High Margins Upmarket Tavern for Sale.

This is an amazing, unique opportunity,  to own a sort after Upmarket Tavern/Bar/Restaurant, established and been in existence for 30 years in one form or another, profitable and successful, running on a proven formula that works. The big advantage of this “liquor“ business is the mark up of the liquor and the resulting gross profit percentage. In an average bottle store, the gross profit percentage on liquor would not ever be more than 15 to 20%, whilst in this bar type situation, the average gross profit percentages run at an average of 60%.

The new Owner purchased this business five months ago for R650,000 plus R50,000 stock. He has spent R200,000 on improvements, including, a new secure entrance, a private lounge with upmarket furniture, bought new TVs, created and Office at the back, and generally fixed the place up. His non involvement has resulted in the business not performing at peak performance, albeit, it is estimated that it is generating a monthly Net Profit of R50,000 per month.

Because of this, and because there are no financial records, we have placed a value on this business of R500,000 plus stock, despite it being worth much more.

The present new owner, does not have the time nor wish to really involve himself in the business, whereby the previous owner was fully involved and the business pumped, with his successful formula of running it. Hence there is huge potential for this business to really grow and generate much bigger profits that it presently is, just by an owner’s involvement. The previous owner would meet with the proposed Purchaser, to share the formula to run this business at it’s full potential.


UNIQUE Restaurant and Pub, within and connected to, an Upmarket Hotel FOR SALE


An amazing, unique opportunity,  to own a sought after Restaurant and Pub, within and connected to, an Upmarket Hotel, close to OR Tambo Airport. This successful eight year old business, is operated by 3 Managers, and has stood the test of time. The Restaurant and Pub also include Room Service for the hotel.


Last Year’s Net Profit was R830,000 and whilst This Year’s Net Profit has dropped because of the economy and country, the renewed confidence and positivity now being generated, is already reflecting in current sales, and expected to result in a bumper year.

These kind of businesses just do not come onto the market, so grab this opportunity while you can!!!

PRICE: R2.2 million not negotiable for a quick sale.

25-Year-Old Tin Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Supplier – Packaging Business for Sale GAUTENG.


The Website is exceptional, and has been optimized for maximum effect – this generates huge sales.. The business has stood the test of time with 25 years of successful trading, there is a strong active customer base, the overhead cost structure is minimal, sales and gross profits are on the increase!! And there is an annuity income arrangement, which if it materializes, and there is no reason why it should not, would result in a value of another R2 million net profit per annum, and finally, the newly developed website with all the S.E.O’s already in place, has an independent value of R700,000.

Sales for the last year were in excess of R2 million, generating a net profit of R850,000 for the year, after the owner’s salary of R300,000 per annum.

They have been a proud partner of many successful and effective marketing and advertising campaigns. They specialize in tin packaging, tin cans, metal tins and charity collection tins (money boxes), and many other products.

They also play a unique role in the crowd-funding and charity industries, as the distribution of branded money boxes and collection tins began with them in 1994.

PRICE DROPPED TO  R1.9 million for a quick sale. URGENT SALE!!!

Long established, very profitable AUTO ELECTRICIAN business for sale, with or without the PROPERTY.

This business has been fixing Cars & Trucks For Over 34 Years. Service and repairs to all makes and models. Computer diagnostics Engine, Auto Electrical repairs, gearbox & diff overhauls, Tune Ups and performance upgrades, Auto electrical repairs and installations, Air con regas and repairs, Brakes, Suspension, Propshafts & CV joints Shock absorbers, Exhausts, Roadworthy preparation & facilitation, Tyres, Car wash & valet, Trailers & generators – service & repairs, After market warranty & maintenance plans.

Today’s modern vehicles require sophisticated diagnostic equipment and expertly trained technicians. This workshop has both.

The business has stood the test of time, and been owned by the current owner for the last 27 years. It is presently generating a Net Profit of R1 million p.a. and is valued at R3 million, but selling for R2.5 million.

The property has a floor area of 331 square meters, of which a small portion is let out as a printing business, for R3,850 per month. The workshop would pay a rental of R30,000 per month, if the property were not bought with the business. The property despite being valued at R2.9 million is being sold for R2.6 million.

PRICE:R5.1 million for the Business and Property.

20-year-old Plumbing Business for Sale, making R1.2 million Net Profit per annum. GAUTENG.

This business has stood the test of time, having been established for 20 years and still going strong. The owner is selling because he is emigrating.  The business is fully operational without him, although the preferred Purchaser, would be a Plumber, who can merely step into the owner’s shoes.

Whilst there are no real contracts in place, customers have been regularly coming back, and the majority have been customers for many years. As long as the standard of work and service remain top class, there is no reason why any customer would leave.

So continuity of the business is almost guaranteed, as are the sustainability of the Turnovers and Net Profits being presently achieved.

The Net profit for the year ended 28 Feb 2019 is R 1.2 million. This is a business for a risk-averse entrepreneur/plumber, looking to go into his own business, with minimum risk, and almost guaranteed profits.

PRICE: R3 million for a quick cash sale.

Profitable, established car wash for sale.

This busy Car Wash has been in existence for almost two years, is popular with the locals,  and the dealer network customer base, is being developed and doing well, with 4 active dealerships, and others on the cards. It is making an average net profit of R35,000 per month. The owner wishes to sell, to follow his passion of music, being a music and sound  engineer, with an already established set up.

Whilst there are no audited accounts per se, unlike most car washes, there are meticulous sales figures and operating costs, as can be seen from the management accounts, and these figures can be verified, with sales of R54,000 average per month.

PRICE: R500,000 negotiable.

Baby Spa For Sale, specializing in Hydrotherapy. GAUTENG.

The first of its kind in South Africa. Magnificent set up in standalone owner owned Property.

It would be a privilege to own this extremely successful UK Franchise, because the UK have proven how profitable it can be, and secondly, not only could it become a successful business in South Africa, but there are huge Franchise opportunities throughout South Africa.

It is a unique concept with big demand including amazing  benefits for kids, including medical benefits.

THE PROPERTY, which has been rezoned to Business 3, has been valued between R3.2 to R3.5 million, by a reputable Estate Agent. The Municipal Valuation is R1.6  million, which would be in line with the normal market value being about double the municipal value. Renovations and improving the property to what it is now, cost an additional R1.5 million, to the actual cost of the property. Selling for R3.3 million.

THE BUSINESS – Reasonable projected net profits of R827,000, excluding Rental income of R100,000 p.a. and including a Franchise Fee of 10% of Gross income, and a Nurse’s Fee of R10,000 per month, both of which are not being paid, although included for these purposes.

Cost of Set Up was approximately R1.5 million, being about R920,000 Franchise Fees and Equipment, plus about R600,000 being for extra furniture, decor etc. Physical Assets including equipment, pools and furniture cost approximately R600,000. The business is being included in the sale of the property at no value!!

PRICE DROPPED TO  R3,3 million INCLUDING THE PROPERTY. Business is being given away for nothing!!

Upmarket 18 Month old Hair & Beauty Salon in busy PARK STATION.

This is an amazing opportunity for an entrepreneur to buy an upmarket Hair and Beauty Salon, with top of the range Fixtures and Fittings,  in a prime location.

Right in the main walkway of Palk Station, with 200,000 people going through Park Station every day, this business cannot fail. Supply agreements with LÓreal Mizani etc., are in place, and products are beautifully presented and on show for sale in the store. Only 6 months old, this salon needs hands on attention, in order to develop it to its full potential, which would generate an expected R45,000 per month net profit.

PRICE: R500,000 Cash.

A Profitable Classy Sensual Adult Boutique for Sale GAUTENG.

This is a great opportunity to buy an Elegant Adult boutique which has stood the test of time, having been in existence for 7 years. It is a classy, chicque, sensual boutique, eliminating the element of “sleaze” and discomfort, in most other Adult Shops.

It is unique. In addition to the magnificent decor and set up, they maintained their level of professionalism and elegance, by providing guided tours, showing discretion and information privately to all customers.

In late 2018 the owners started an Online store, which took time, effort and money to launch. But, it will be worth it, because specifically in this industry, and sex sells, an online store is made for it, and should, with the correct marketing, double the sales.

Another huge potential growth opportunity is to franchise these unique, professional and magnificent stores and the concept, in Johannesburg surrounding areas, as well as in Durban and Cape Town.

Sales for the last year, sans Online Sales, were R2.3 million, Gross Profit R1.3 million, resulting in a Net Profit of R514,000 for the year. This should double with the new Online Trading, just commenced.

PRICE: R1 MILLION plus stock, based on a P/E of 2.

Top ten year old Boxing Gym, with contracts, going for a song.



This ten year old, vibrant, successful, profitable boxing gym, has stood the test of time. It is also  located in a prime location, in the main hub of the Bedfordview area. But if that were not enough to entice a prospective purchaser, membership is predominantly contract based, with many members paying six months in advance. Obviously, a calculation will be required to be done on the effective date of the sale, establishing how many months of a contract is still outstanding, and the proportional amount already paid, will need to be paid over to the buyer by the Seller. The gym runs smoothly without the direct involvement of the owners, although they do check up from time to time and control debtors and creditors.




This well established Bottle Store has stood the test of time and flourished over the last eight years. The only reason that it is on the market and for sale, is because the owner is emigrating to Korea, and this is why the price is so low, and such good value is to be had. It is located in a Business Centre in a safe East Rand residential area, in a shopping centre with a gym, pub, supermarket, restaurant, car wash and Doctor’s Clinic in a busy street. An added advantage is that it is part of the Liquor City Express Franchise, which always adds value.

It is easy to manage, and runs on an extremely low overhead structure of less than R50,000 per month. Average turnovers over the last year were R435,000 per month, generating an average Gross Profit of R128,000 less average monthly expenses of R46,000 per month, making an average net profit of  R82,000 per month, AND A TOTAL NET PROFIT FOR THE YEAR OF R984,000.


Exciting Profitable Events Company for sale at a discount.

They specialise in events, and have the capability and  energy to manage concepts and projects be it for 4  delegates to well within the  thousands. Their team is made up of event professionals who are  dedicated to crafting concepts and creating experiences. They live and breath their work!!!

They offer quick turnaround times with their pitches and  proposals. They always ensure to be in-line with briefs and will  include a variety of options to best make-up your  experience.There is no limit to their thinking or service offering. They pride  ourselves in being a full turnkey event solution and can  manage every aspect of the project ensuring they have full  management on all elements.

They have averaged a R550,000 net profit per annum over the last three years, and are poised to make a net profit of R2.1 million in the year ended Feb 2018, with an expected turnover of R8.4 million. The business has stood the test of time, and has an awesome client base, as well as contracts and existing relationships, generating consistent income.

PRICE: R2.5 million



This huge, fully equipped Panel Beating Facility, which has reached amazing heights in it’s 20 year history, has fallen on such hard times, because of its lack of BEE status, that it is almost ready to shut it’s doors, which would be a tragic  lost opportunity, for an insightful BEE Investor, who can literally make millions, by buying this business.

Another huge plus, is that the present battered owner, is prepared to stay on, either as an employee or a 49% shareholder, and manage the business, which is a huge bonus, because he has the connections, expertise and knowledge to run the business, with the facilities and equipment on tap, with an impeccable established name in the industry, and all that is needed is the BEE credentials, for the work to flow in.

They are still preferred suppliers to Sanlam and Mutual and Federal.

This is a turnaround situation, where instead of simply closing the business and walking away, the owner wants to save it, because of his passion and love for the business.


17 year old profitable Plumber with body corporate SLAs for sale- owner emigrating. Pretoria.

This business has stood the test of time, having been established for 17 years and still going strong. The owners are selling only because they are emigrating, giving a buyer the unique opportunity of buying a profitable well established plumbing business, which under normal circumstances, would never be for sale. The preferred Purchaser, would be a Plumber, who can merely step into the owner’s shoes.

Their main clients are body corporates, backed up by SLAs, and currently they are looking after approximately 23 000 units throughout Pretoria. So continuity of the business is almost guaranteed, as are the sustainability of the Turnovers and Net Profits being presently achieved. The average monthly Net Profit as reflected in the Financials for the last 7 months, which are up to date and most current, is R60,000 per month, namely R720,000 per year.

This is a business for a risk averse entrepreneur/plumber, looking to go into his own business, with minimum risk, and almost guaranteed profits because of the expected continuity.

Price: Extremely low price of R1.2 million because owner is emigrating.

35 year old very profitable Motor Accessory Fitment Centre, being sold for a song, because Owner is emigrating.


This amazing business has stood the test of time, having been in business for over 35 years, and owned by the present owner for 17 years. The main reason for this, and the expectation of continuity, is really because of, excellent service and workmanship, AND, because of the excellent location of this business. The old adage LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, applies. Whilst sales of R11,685,438 are made up of 20 different product types, the prominent sales are of  Radios, DVDs, Alarms and Immobilisers, Kits, Tow bars, Tracking, Accessories, PDCs, GPSs, and Tinting.They specialise in VW and Audi, and a very big growth area is Park Distance Controls, which is highly specialised, and only installed by one or two dealers country wide. They are making a minimum Net Profit of over R125,000 per month, after Owner’s salary of R50,000 per month.

Valued on a low conservative P/E of 2, the real value of this business is R3 million.



Huge opportunity to buy state of the art ice factory facility, making more than R500,000 net profit per annum, working way below capacity, with many customer contracts, and equipment worth close to R3 million. Big potential for this business to take off with an energetic new owner.

No downside potential.

PRICE: R1,000,000 not negotiable.


Become self employed, own your own Business Brokerage, with exclusive rights to Pretoria, by joining an already proven successful Business Brokerage in Johannesburg.

Become part of their already established Web Site, score from their excellent reputation by trading under their name, have access to their successful formula, being privy to their social media marketing, investor data base, and businesses for sale, and be given full training, with templates of all the necessary documentation to succeed from day one. Make yourself a minimum average of R100,000 per month and enjoy making it, because the work is so stimulating. Preference will be given to qualified C.A.(S.A.)s

PRICE: R200,000 per province.

Immaculate Ice Cream Factory for Sale. URGENT URGENT URGENT!!!!!!!!

This well designed, immaculate, complete and lovingly maintained Ice Cream Factory, runs efficiently, and manufactures delicious Ice Cream, under the expert supervision of the experienced Factory Manager. The Factory Machinery and Equipment, valued at R3.3 million, is in excellent condition, but requires an extra R360,000 expenditure, to allow it to manufacture to the capacity, of generating an R800,000 per month Net Profit, if sales can be achieved. The owners under estimated the capital requirements and have now, at the very brink of success, run out of capital. The key reason for the sale of this business, is because the necessary sales could not be achieved – this is the key to the success of this business. The sales are possible, and a buyer who can ensure that these sales are achieved, will be buying the opportunity of a lifetime. In fact, the

Owner, is prepared to give away 50% of the business for nothing, to a Group, who can guarantee the sales, thereby almost guaranteeing for themselves, a hugely profitable business opportunity. Alternatively, on a smaller scale, the owners would sell to an investor, who can increase sales, with the very competent Factory Manager, who would stay on, catering for all sales required to be produced by the company. Reap the benefits of 18 months of laying a solid foundation!!!!

PRICE: R1.5 million plus stock negotiable.



R450,000 for Jimmy’s Killer Fish and Chips Franchise in Southgate Food Court.

This highly successful HALAAL restaurant, is situated perfectly, with huge numbers of its Target Market, shopping in Southgate every day. The food court location is a highly sort after space, & this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to buy this well known brand, in the perfect location.  The Halaal food preference, has become very popular, and this business is poised for huge success.

PRICE R450,000 URGENT SALE!!       REAL GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Buy a seven year old, established “Annuity Income ” Renovations Company.

Buy a successful low risk business that is highly cash generative. Its business model is sound and ongoing operation secure.The specialised nature of this business is the delivery of dedicated services to the major Insurers and Banks, with whom Service level agreements are in place.  It is an accredited supplier and provides assistance with resultant damages, which are property/homeowners claims, covered by insured events.

Their services on average have been rated 95 % (Standard Bank Report & Clearance Certificates) by property owners and have always received good recommendations and testimonials from customers. On average the invoices book for last 6 months is R459 006.94 per month. The only debtors are “blue chip’’ companies i.e. Standard Bank, Nedbank, SA Home Loans, Santam, Alexander Forbs and Discovery of late. Payment dates are on average 30 days from invoice to payment and bad Debts are non-existing.

The business can be expanded Geographically: Opening  representative offices in Cape Town and Durban with the support of our partners. And Diversified Services: Flooring (carpets, laminate & tiling), starting a Plumbing Division and Carpentry (build-in cupboards and kitchens). Net profits have increased year on year and were R1.4 million for the last year.

PRICE:  R4 million or nearest Offer.

Cut, make and trim Cotton Pyjama business for sale.


This amazing business manufactures and sells unique cotton pyjamas, for which there are a huge demand, because of the 5000 strong customer base, being mainly previous customers, the web site, 40 amazing patterns, rolls of material, finished products and intellectual property including all the cut make and trim connections, Chinese suppliers of cloth, 5,500 Face Book followers, etc.

The range spans sizes Age 2 to Adult. The mark up is 100% to 150%.

There is at present about R355,000 worth of beautiful finished product at cost, as well as 238 rolls of magnificent fabric at a cost value of R600,000.

Retail value R2 million.

This business, which is just about dormant at present, because the owner cannot give it any attention, has all the ingredients to immediately start trading and generating profits, because of its previous history, and foundation of Unique Patterns, Customer Data Base, High Quality Cotton Finished Products and Cloth, etc.

The products and the patterns are a very high quality product at very competitive prices, because of the low cost of Material from China.

This is a huge opportunity for an entrepreneur looking to acquire a little gold mine, which he/she can grow from strength to strength.

PRICE: R355,000 not negotiable ( A discount of R600,000 on cost. RETAIL R2 MILLION.  )


Upmarket Ladies and Men’s Hairdressing Salon in heart of Sandton Business District

This successful four year old hairdressing salon, has a unique location, housed within a huge office complex, catering for a captivated target market, of all the professionals and staff, working within the complex, with access to those data bases. This golden opportunity only comes around once, with the owner selling for personal reasons.

PRICE: R1.5 million not negotiable.

Service Centre in unbelievably good location for sale.

This opportunity is a “dream come true opportunity ” for a motor mechanic who wants to be his own boss and own a well established service centre in the best, busiest location, with an established customer base, netting a minimum net profit of R50,000 per month, and

being sold as a steal for R1.2 million.

PRICE: R850,000 not negotiable.



Agencies available in lucrative business servicing the Food Industry.

Golden opportunity to buy an “OIL SAVING DEVICE” agency. Full support, easy to run, can be run from home, very profitable and a real gem of a business.

This OIL SAVING DEVICE will save at least 50% on oil purchases for commercial fryers.  We have already started selling into the following companies, Pick n Pay, Foodlovers Markets, Wimpy, Steers, Fishaways and many others.  Business opportunity already opened up for any potential investor.  No ongoing maintenance required for the product and rental options are available for the customers.  This product is from America and was voted the most innovative product in 2008.

PRICE: R500,000 per agency, including opening stock of 10 products.


Upmarket Beauty Salon in Northern Suburbs

This upmarket, magnificently presented beauty salon, is fully equipped and a great opportunity for an owner operator, working from home with her own customer base, who wants to rise to the next level, to become very professional, with the perfect infrastructure and appealing appearance. Owner selling because this industry does not suit her, and the customer base has been quite depleted. She would be happy to sell to the right person for R250,000, which is less than the cost of the equipment, furniture and fittings.

PRICE:R250,000 cash not negotiable  URGENT SALE.

King Pie PARK STATION – Incredible opportunity in sought after area. Location Location Location

Grab this golden opportunity to buy a King Pie Franchise in busy Park Station in Johannesburg.  Situated in the main Food Court at the Gautrain entrance. Established for two years, owner is not hands on, and needs to sell urgently. Park Station is teeming with people, and King Pie is a very popular brand known for its quality, taste, wholesomeness and value pricing. A new Franchise costs R550,000 – R600,000. GP% is 50%. Opportunity to really cash in.

PRICE: R350,000 not negotiable.


Extremely upmarket Nightclub going for a song.

Seven month old night club in the heart of teeming Braamfontein is for sale. Fully equipped and really pumping, with huge potential to add gambling machines, a pool table and a kitchen, it is already generating an average net profit of R70,000 per month, on an average turnover of over R200,000 per month. Grab this opportunity whilst still available.

PRICE; R1.5 million not negotiable.

Fully stocked Hardware Store

This extremely well established 45 year old Hardware store, ideally situated in very busy Braamfontein, is priced to sell at an extremely low price of R650,000, although valued at a minimum of R720,000, generating a net profit of R20,000 per month. Owner wishes to permanently relocate to Durban. Having stood the test of time, an enthusiastic owner, could really cash in on it’s prime location, good name, and loyal customers, and certainly double or treble present turnovers. This is a golden opportunity for an hardware enthusiast to realise his dreams.

PRICE: R650,000 not negotiable.

A Unique Car Wash opportunity to be located in a Krugersdorp Cedar Lodge.

The Car Wash in Krugersdorp still needs to be erected, but the site has been secured in a very busy and popular Cedar Lodge. Whilst quiet during the week, this lodge is overwhelmingly busy on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, more than adequately compensating for the quiet periods. The idea is to build a mobile Car wash here, operating only on the busy days, but made to almost look like a permanent car wash on the busy days, with banners and signage et al.

PRICE R350,000 for 100% ownership,.

Three Canteens, situated in major reputable dealership.         

Established Canteens in well known dealership for sale, with long term contracts, netting an average net profit of R40,000 per month with huge future potential for future growth. Run by reliable operators, this very sought after business will be sold within days. All fixtures and fittings, other than stock,  are owned by the dealership. The value lies in the contracts, the profits generated, and the future relationship with the dealer.

PRICE: R650,000 not negotiable.

Galvanised Box Manufacturing Company for sale.

Amazing opportunity to buy 8 year old profitable manufacturing business. Sales generating R40,000 per month net profit,

GUARANTEED for two years by seller, who is a distributor of the two products manufactured. Huge extra earnings potential, because demand is unlimited, and a double shift will double profits.

PRICE R2 MILLION not negotiable.


Newly built Ice Cream Factory for sale.

Owner has too many business interests and needs to focus. The Ice Cream Factory is fully functional, at a cost of approximately R1.8 million to erect. Established blue chip customers love our ice cream, and the present manager, who has 27 years experience in the ice cream business, and is able to service and run the machines, as well as being known to all the customers, will stay on as a General Manager. Huge opportunity to get in on ground floor, with Yogurt recipes for winter, as well as specialised diabetic ice cream, adding to the flavour of this enticing business.

PRICE R1,550,000 including agent’s commission.

40 Year old established PICTURE FRAMER for sale – Owner retiring.

This well established business, is in the heart of and on the main road of a busy Northern suburbs suburb. It would suit somebody who wants to run their own business, and who could be hands on, framing and cutting etc. Customers are long standing, and no marketing is done. The present owner earns a net profit of approximately R30,000 per month, and with a bit of advertising, the new owner could easily double these figures. Great opportunity to own your own business and earn a decent living.

Price: R400,000

Retail Bedding and Furniture Store in Main Road in Benoni for sale.    EXTREMELY URGENT

This one year old predominantly mattress retailer, has been profitable from day one. The mattress factory is owned by the owner of the store, and he wants to focus on the factory. He will however continue to supply the retail store on preferential terms, in order to continue building his brand of superior mattresses, carrying 2 to 20 year warranties, and being incredible value for money. This is a destination store, and with some marketing, can grow exponentially, especially in that mattresses can be sold via the telephone and internet.

VALUED AT R1 MILLION, the owner will accept R200,000 for a quick sale. EXTREMELY URGENT

PRICE INCLUDES R100,000 STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E Commerce Business for Sale.

Online shopping website with all inclusions for sale. The Business has been operating for 15 months and has fully operational shopping carts with an advanced shipping calculator (First in South Africa). The site is active in the South African and Namibian Market and can be expanded into the broader Africa. There is a large marketing and advertising space. The initial platform allows for additional sites to be added under the main Site and variety of products to be  bought online. Great potential for the modern day advertiser/ Shopper to take the Platform, procedures and supply chains and grow into one of the largest Online Shopping carts in Africa. Business can be run from home all that is needed is a Computer and Internet connection. Owner is relocating but willing to stay for a month of hand over.


Kitchen Cupboard Manufacturer.

Established 14 years, this highly profitable manufacturing business, is for sale, because the owners wish to retire and “go sailing”. Generating about R1.8 million net profit per annum, after owners’ salaries, this little gem of a business, still has huge potential to grow, and step up to the next level.


R800,000 short term loan – R100,000 profit in 1 month on going.

This successful entrepreneur, has on going business deals, purchasing cable and selling it, to and from reputable businesses, marking up 25%, and willing to share 50% of the profit with an investor, deal by deal. The investor can control the deal from beginning to end, so no risk, but huge monthly return.



Busy, profitable florist in Durban city centre for sale – owner retiring. Bargain price of R120,000. Second Hand Baby Items Business for Sale, in Centurion. Huge opportunity, to buy second hand baby clothes, prams, strollers, cots, etc., business. Owner cannot cope with demand, and can train new owner, teaching him/her all the trade secrets, to really capitalise on this niche market.

Priced to sell  ROCK BOTTOM   R150,000

Specialised Paint Application Business

Generating a net profit of R2,5 million per annum, with a tiny infrastructure. Unique opportunity.

Price R6 million.

Retail Kids’ Clothing Store.

Situated in top shopping centre in Gauteng, this tiny shop is being sold at way below it’s value, because the owner wants to retire.  Netting R15,000 per month.

Price R250,000 including stock.

Hamper Business for Sale R1.5 million.

Consistent sales and gross profits generated over a period of 7 years. Gem of a business for sale.

Price R1.5 million.

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