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Get your finance from the leading small firm of business brokers in Johannesburg. We provide Business Broker Services, Bridging Finance, Property Development Finance and Sellers Advance Loans. While you’re browsing feel free to give us a call at (+27)0118871453 or email us your details.

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Bridging Finance South Africa

Bridging finance is a type of short-term loan which allows you to access money quickly and is most commonly used by property owners, developers and investors. The period between a sale/transfer of a property is often a financially constricted and that’s why at Win4Me we’re here to help you with our innovative Bridging Finance Loan Solutions:

  • Sellers Advance Finance: Get your equity quickly, no need to wait! We provide sellers finance to South-Africans selling their properties. Win4Me’s Super Seller-Finance Solution is simple and straightforward. If you have sold your property and have money due to you on registration, Win4Me can, if you qualify, advance a portion of this money to you – upfront!
  • Property Development Finance: We provide construction and development loans as well as Property Bridging Finance to help property developers complete their small to medium sized development projects without financial stress. Win with Win4Me Business Brokers – Get your Development funding directly from us!
  • Commission Advance Finance: If you’re an estate agent, waiting for a sale to go through and you’re in need of cash… You could Win with Win4Me. We offer a specially designed package for estate agents and real-estate agencies, allowing you to have greater control over your cash flow. See if you qualify for our Commission Advance Finance and get your money quickly, no need to wait!

At Win4Me we aren’t just business brokers and property bridging finance experts, although that is at the core of what we do; We also offer a range of financial bridging services and focus on providing our clients with short term finance solutions to suit your immediate needs.

Bridging Finance is also used for Sellers of fixed property, who can bridge sales proceeds, estate agents bridge estate agents’ commission, and mortgagors bridge the proceeds of further or switch bonds. Bridging finance is also available to settle outstanding property taxes or municipal accounts or to pay transfer duties. 

At Win4Me Business Brokers we understand the business and property sectors, the law and finance. We recognise a gap in the Bridging Finance market for a company with a fresh approach to short term finance. Our aim is to assist those who find themselves short of cash flow in anticipation of the release of funds from an imminent event, as listed above. We offer a variety of innovative financial bridging solutions, get in touch to see whether we are right for you. Tel: 011-887-1453 or email admin@win4me.org. Alternatively, CLICK HERE to contact us.

Finance Made Simple, Quick and Easy. Benefits of Bridging Loans:


Deeds office delays mean some sellers have to wait up to three months for transfer and registration to go through to the new owner, leaving some of them with no accessible capital to reinvest in a new property. 

Bridging finance can provide urgent capital should one need it in either case.

Bridging Loans South Africa

What is Bridging Finance?

  1. Money lent by an individual or company from a bank or bridging finance company to cover an interval between two transactions, typically the buying of one house and the selling of another.
  2. Bridging finance allows the borrower to access money quickly and is most commonly used by property owners, developers and investors in order to be able to refurbish a property, or to move into a new property whilst waiting for their current property to be sold.
  3. Property Bridging finance is also intended for estate agents, agencies and others, in respect of commission earned from the sale of a residential or commercial property. The perfect loan solution for your short term and immediate financial needs. 
  4. Bridging is a short-term finance option, designed to put you at ease during a transition period. 

At Win4Me Property Bridging Finance Specialists, we understand that estate agents have a unique cash-flow and financial requirements and as such have designed a package specifically aimed at servicing your financial needs.

Commission Advance Finance

A Commission Advance is a financial transaction where a real estate agent sells a portion of their pending commission at a discount, in exchange for immediate cash. It is a financial bridging service that allows agents to monetize a transaction quickly.

Sellers Advance Finance

If you have recently sold a property and require some of the net sale proceeds to settle your rates bills, pay moving costs or perhaps the deposit on your new home, Win4Me will be happy to help with our unique seller advance finance solution.

Property Bridging Finance

Property bridging finance is a solution for sellers and estate agents to access the money generated from the sale of a property before the transfer of the property is completed. 

Property Development Finance

This development loan serves the purpose of financing property developments. Funding is granted up to approx. R6m per development. Contact us if you’re in need of development funds.

The period between a sale/transfer of a property is often a financially constricted time and that’s why at Win4Me we’re here to help you with our Bridging Finance Loan Solutions. We strive each day to create innovative solutions to help our clients access their money which may be locked in a property deal. We offer various forms of bridging finance, depending on the participant in the property transaction that requires finance. Our innovative property bridging loans are designed to put you at ease.

A bridge loan is a type of gap financing arrangement wherein the borrower can get access to short-term loans for meeting short-term liquidity requirements. Get in touch with Win4Me Bridging Finance Specialists to see whether you qualify for a bridge loan:

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